Why FoC?

We bring to you a careless administration of your property. Whole facility management, including technical, operational, economic and jural aspects, we ensure for owners of residential or commercial objects, and other real estate.

How does it work?

Are you looking for reliable partner for administration of your real estate? Are you interest in comprehensive or partial service? Please read our offer over. You will find out, that we offer everything what you need. If you are interest in detailed information, costing of our services or some other enquiry, please, send to us your request.


Started by projects

We begin with the projects: Are you building a commercial objects?“ Are you thinking about how to administrate your new building? Where is the best place to situate a maintenance room? For what you must not forget within manifolds installation to reach an easy revise? We can help you with the answers to this questions and also save your time and money within using and maintaining of your commercial spaces. Send your request to us.


Our Services

Removal service

Services Tagged under wrecker services Need to move objects from point A to point B in Prague and its surroundings? We will help you. You will not have to worry about transportation administration, just tell us when, where, what, and

Maintenance service

Tagged under Services support Technical-state of object and minimal failure, it is the basis of a pleasant environment for working and living. We will provide you the service and you can devote to more important things. What hides behind technical

Administration service

About administration of the building you will not take care of. You can push ahead to more important things. Behind of real property administration there are large number of laws, directives, which are important to keep tabs on. Make a

Claening service

Cleaning Services The cleaning will no longer have to worry ou can go to more important things. Cleaning Services We provide comprehensive cleaning service for office buildings, hotels, residential spaces. Choose among our cleaning service: – comprehensive cleaning of companies

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Prague -Strasnice

We provide service facility for several homeowners in Prague – Strasnice. We care about greenery and sidewalks. Manage the administrative organization of tenants (OA). We solve problems that tenants do not have time.

We care about the greenery in Prague 10

We care about the greenery in Prague 10. Our company takes care of maintenance and cleanliness of several outdoor areas. Lawn services to include maintenance of gardens, maintenance of parks, green maintenance of indoor and outdoor space. We provide grass

Reference Facility service Prague 10

We provides service facility for several homeowners in Prague 10. A government’s administrative section containing records of tenants, property, contracts, further comprising a part of the economic management and accounting records and manages the technical part services: security, repairs, utilities.

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