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Care about garden

Managing of green Care

Managing of green Care
Managing of green Care surroundings in any season to take care of your property, but also on the surrounding areas.






Cleaning service

Cleaning service

Cleaning services

Cleanliness and tidiness Cleanliness and tidiness are commonplace everyday your property. We provide regular comprehensive cleaning, as well as a health service for offices and administrative buildings.






We manage residential and commercial spaces integration services

Integration service

We manage residential and commercial spaces integration services. Whether you are a Community of Owners or a large office complex, we are always ready to provide a package of services that includes integrated facility management, property management, cleaning and security services, and / or management of your property remotely in Prague and  surroundings.




management of your property

Management of your property

Energy management

Energy management and service take care of comprehensive energy management. You can expect smooth operation of all power equipment on your property, ensuring their regular inspections and checks and rapid intervention in case of accidents and failures.

The  operational schedules are an indispensable part of the administration building. A method of operating a content object affects the composition of future operating rules. Initial outline rules of operation should be for new construction and reconstruction of part of the study as a basis for the design of the building. Outlining must be based on the requirements of regulated .


Regulated requirements for buildings:
– Mechanical resistance and stability
– Fire Safety
– Hygiene
– Safety in use
– Protection against noise
– Energy saving and heating service

Development of operational systems in the Czech Republic is not yet captured by any legislation and therefore depends primarily on the basic requirements for buildings under Decree no. 68/2009 Coll., On technical requirements for buildings, as amended, as well as the needs of the building owner. More: http://www.tzb-info.cz/provoz-technologii/11141-provozni-rady



Bezpečnostní servis

Bezpečnostní servis

Administrative Management Security
For the advanced security and smooth operation of your facility and provide key card management, production and distribution of keys and cards, their administration and accounting. Of course, for us also ensure postal or courier services.



Technical Services

Our technical management of buildings can as quickly intervene in case of an accident, thus keeping the normal operation of your facility running smoothly. It includes regular maintenance technologies and equipment, inspection and control activities, as well as administrative and documentation issues in this area.